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The Government of Maharashtra, Co-operation Department has launched new website for creating online records of all types of Co-operative Society. Registrar of Society has informed all the Auditors regarding this. However, it has been noticed that either the Auditors have not informed the Societies of the Societies have neglected the same. Once again, the step by step guide is repeated for this process. The Registrar of Society would take stern action against the defaulting Societies in due course. To avoid such action, please upload your Housing Society information online in the following way.

Step 1: Visit the link:

Step 2: Click NEW REGISTRATION [नवीन नोदणी कऱा]

Step 3: Select Account type as Society. Fill other detail and create an Account. [Just like we create our email account]

Step 4: Fill the Society detail


a) Of Society Type selects depending upon your total member of members i.e. For 101 members to 500 members [100 व तायपेक्षा जाशत] OR for 10 members to 100 members [100 व तायपेक्षा कमी

b) In Society code write 6405 for Housing Society in Municipal Cooperation Area/Municipal Council Area & 6404 for Housing society in Gram Panchayat Area

c) For class of the Society, please write class given by the Auditors in the Audit Report like A or B or C

d) For Email ID: - If Society has an email id then write that else write email id of MC Member. This is must since you get the confirmation No from the government on this email id. & also if any wrong information as per government records then you will inform on this Email ID.

Step 5: Upload you Society Registration Certificate scan copy in PDF, JPEG format

If you don't understand how to fill the form then refer the User Manual. Please visit the link:

For Society Code Please visit the Link:-