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Often there is a confusion to understand what called NICHE AREA is in a flat. The niche area is a recessed area in the wall but at times, certainly a centrepiece of the whole flat. There are many different ways to use the niche area.

You can use it to show off your artwork, use as fire place, set up a small temple, display antique objects, store items that you need to use frequently or you can use it as a combination of both decor and function. Just be sure not to neglect this space in the flat since it has so much potential to be a part of the overall image to create.

Bathroom niche is the perfect combined showcase for fresh towels and decorative objects. The sparseness keeps the overall look neat, while the monochromatic treatment makes it all feel clean and modern

The most common way to use a niche in the home is to use it as a bookcase to store your books without having to buy a separate shelving unit. It is an untraditional spot in the wall (up high) that hints of an artistic sensitivity as also aesthetically appealing.

The location of the space on the wall where the niche is engraved, might contribute a lot to be very functional. A niche in the staircase area is terrific. Even a bathroom niche when it is decoratively appealing to have a small collection of perfume bottles or soap dispensers in there. Like flower bed, balcony, dry balcony, sundeck etc., the niche area was considered as Free of FSI prior to the introduction of Fungible FSI under modified DCR. However, this area is now considered as part of Usable Carpet Area.