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In a positive move against the delinquent Developers in non-completion of cessed redevelopment projects basically in South Mumbai undertaken and leaving the tenants stranded for years in transit accommodations, the State Govt. has now announced that if no progress have been made by the Developers in such projects on hand for more than 3 years, the MHADA will take over these projects and complete the same.

Though the move of the State Govt. describes a healthy-looking and promising proposal for thousands of affected families, it is very much doubtful in successful implementation of the said resolution as MHADA itself is not competent enough to complete these left-over massive projects on time due to endless reasons with fund paucity on the top with legal hassles to follow. There are many such projects undertaken by MHADA on their count since years, have been left on a half way to complete them and the tenants of these buildings have been staying in transit for years together.

The reason for such announcement is that most of the Developers had demolished the existing cessed structures and thereafter the projects remained stagnant with no progress for years due to reasons not known to the gullible and helpless tenants.

It is a matter of concern as to why the State Govt. has not thought of imposing substantial penalty such as permanent cancellation of license, imprisonment for 10 to 15 years for breach of trust and cheating, unfair trade practice and deficiency in services etc as these are the effective machineries available with the State Govt. to redress the grievances of ill-fated tenants.

There are numerous causes for delays in completion of any redevelopment project such as inefficient and unskilled manpower, poor supervision, imperfect planning, diversion and paucity of fund, mounting up of unsold stock, non-payments and debt accruals, increases the construction and storage cost, late government approvals, getting the completion certificate after a long wait, manpower delay to list a few. Civil contractors executing these projects have so much on their plate that managing different projects is becoming more and more difficult.

There are types of greedy Developers of lower category who have abandoned or delayed the redevelopment projects in order to acquire more and more redevelopment projects which are beyond their financial means or are simply not capable to execute them due to lack of competency.

The State Govt. has decided to identify such incompetent Developers and serve notices to them cancelling their NOC and the cost of project and the fine will be recovered from the Developers. However, as per the opinion of the author of this article, it doesn’t sound practical and workable in absence of any laid down theory or foolproof method to implement the move of the State Govt.

It has been learnt that in Mumbai, there were 14,000 cessed buildings of which, nearly 5,000 buildings are undergoing redevelopment and that the MHADA is ready to undertake and complete these pending and delayed projects under cluster and normal redevelopment schemes but a million dollars question about its unbeaten effectiveness to shoulder such a massive task. If the State Govt. fails to plan, it shall certainly plan the failure.